August 23rd, 2006



I heard this story on NPR this morning. Some school board in Miami attempted to remove a 32 page childerns book from the library because they claimed it spread a picture about Cuba which didn't reflect the reality of living there.

The ACLU and other groups jumped in to fight to keep the book in the school library. The school gets dragged into a legal battle. Rather than allow the book to stay, the school is fighting. They have spent over $120,000 in the fight to ban this book. Why not spend the money teaching the student the reality of what goes on in Cuba instead? Show the book as an example of Cuban propaganda.

I just don't get it. Sure you want to stand up for what you believe, but be reasonable. The schools have limited money as is, spending it on lawyers and legal fees is idiotic.
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Aiyre at 5


I have a free lunch today and meeting combined. Noon. I also have an 11am telecon with the USAF/RAF/SPACECOM/ESC/Boeing. After those I have the 1pm Integration meeting.

Busy Busy Busy. I guess I'll bank up some Modtime so I can take Monday off. Aiyre has another appointment in Boston.
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