August 13th, 2006

Aiyre at 5


I decided to let Mark and Fitz cover the weekend and so I didn't go to work. I wouldn't have had anything critical to do, other than harass people to get to work and such.

Instead I spent the day at home. I mowed the lawn. I didn't some of the lawn edging. I found out why I got stung last time I mowed. There is a hornet/wasp nest attached to the neighbor's fence hidden under some lilac foliage. The nest was less than 1/2 a meter from my leg when I got stung.

We went out for breakfast to IHOP, mmm pancakes... I took Aiyre out to a music store and then to Barnes and Nobles. She liked the 'dj' section of the music store. Music, lights, smoke machines, etc.

Aiyre woke up about 3:30 and was howling. I went in to quiet her down several times and by 4:20 or I gave up and brought her downstairs so she wouldn't wake up Evan. About 3:56 I heard what sounded like gunshots outside. Not real close, but close enough to hear. Blam. pause. BlamBlam. I never heard emergency vehicles so either they missed, they have not found the body, it wasn't gun shots, or no one reported it. Other than the time it happened, I had nothing useful to report.
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