August 10th, 2006



Another London bombing plot. This time on US bound planes. The in-laws are not flying out of London for a couple days. I doubt it will blow over by then so they'll get stuck in the crowds.

When I got home yesterday I plopped down on the front lawn and started pulling weeds. Not sure how long I pulled but Aiyre was helping dump handfuls of pulled weeds in the back. Eventually the bugs really came out and so we went in. Once inside I just veg'd on the couch and watch Volcano and ate dinner.

I had a dream last night where I was driving. After driving around for a while I noticed a fire truck and ambulances behind me. There was no where to pull off so I sped up to the pull off area up ahead. I let them pass and then pulled back on the road. I was immediately pulled over for doing 46 in a 30. The cop had got me while I was fleeing from the fire truck. I attempted to explain about getting out of the way and to suggest that the larger radar return from the fire truck would over power any signal from my little car. No avail. So. I woke up.
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