August 9th, 2006



I hit my OT limit of 20 hours already. I'll have to start taking off time to make up for time I'm here now. We did finish the regression testing of the build. Once Fylingdales finishes their regression tests we can ship it out.

Its been really nice out for a day or so. Supposed to be good sleeping weather again tonight, nice and cool. I'd have liked to have taken a long bike ride or something. Maybe gone hiking, but alas, I'm here at work. Those stupid job tests they give you in high school suggested I should be a Park Ranger. Maybe that was the way to go.

Lots of problems seem to keep pouring in. Most of the really good engineers have already been pulled off to other jobs or fled to other jobs. The people that are left either can't figure anything out or are so totally overwhelmed they are about to have a heart attack.

We brought the civic in to have the seat belt replaced. It took them 2 hours to find out they ordered the wrong part. The car was so messed up we had to get a loaner. They claim they are overnighting a replacement part to get us our car back ASAP.
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