August 5th, 2006



Okay, so regardless of how that trial turns out... It seems to me that when someone who knows they are HIV+ has unprotected sex they are guilty of something.

But what?

Attempted Murder?

What they are really doing is spreading a contagious and deadly virus. Why isn't that bioterrorism? What if AlQueda send HIV+ teams to the US to spread the virus? How does that differant from what that guy was doing?
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Raytheon, Work


Still at work. Another couple hours to go. The facilities guy wasn't in the last couple days so we couldn't submit the request for A/C over the weekend. So.. it is freaking hot.

The proto area is cool but noisy. *sigh*

The build release process hit a snag and it will be another 4 hours or so till the FTP can begin. We FTP the disk images of 4 DVDs and 1 CD split into reasonable sized files(about 100 meg or so). The encrypted FTP takes like 48 hours to complete. If only we could just 'overnight' the disks. Classified mailing go registed, which means surface transport overseas. So.. 6-8 weeks to mail something to England. Ouch.

The poor release engineers were here at 7am and will have to stay till at least 8pm. Long day for a Saturday. At least they don't have to come in tomorrow. Dave is paying for lunch. We ordered out, pizza and subs from Classic Pizza. It was just over 90 bucks.
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