July 31st, 2006



Testriffic IQ test

Not much of a quiz if everyone gets the same result...

I totally didn't get this question...

Determine the missing number
"car, glove, clock, sock," "4, 5, 12, ? "
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Romney gets himself into a tar baby of a mess.

Okay... I didn't know it was offense either. I didn't think it was even a real term. I've only ever heard of tar balls. The only time I've heard tar baby before was in Shadowrun. It's a type of IC program.

I guess I shouldn't have skipped all those diversity classes. Aw, heck they don't tell us what words offend people at them anyway. How the heck is someone supposed to know what might offend someone? No one seems to care that I am offended when the capitalize the word 'god'.

Bunch of whiners.
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