July 25th, 2006


Train Wreck

I've got training this morning in Andover. I wrote down the time and facility but not the room number. So.. I had to come into Sudbury to get that information. However, the latest class reminder email reads "No instructors or rooms have been assigned to this meeting." I checked the web listing and it shows the same status. I guess I'll jsut drive up there and hope I wander in on it. Maybe there is only one training room which can hold 50 people.

My class next Tuesday shows the same status. Who knows where it will be.

Sounded like they had more tunnel issues this morning. I wonder how long it will take Emily's parents to get out to Worcester. The SGI guy who just flew in said the detours dumped him into downtown Boston. He wandered east frmo there until he saw signs for 90. He guessed it took 20 minutes to get onto the MassPike. Not too bad. I wonder what time of day and traffic conditions that was. He's pretty much screwed going home. His flight is on Friday evening at like 6pm. So.. he gets to drive in during the heavy traffic load.

My neck was all messed up when I woke up in the middle of the night and it didn't get better by morning. Doh.
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