July 9th, 2006

Raytheon, Work


Back at work again today. I need to get home for 1pm to play Vampire. I've been considering a system switch to the new vampire because the rules are so much more clear.

Went to Tyson's birthday party yesterday. Evan and Aiyre had a bunch of fun. Evan started to get a little cranky and Aiyre was in the pool shivering like crazy. We left at like 3:30 and the party invite was for 12-2. So much hassle for a party. We'll have to do Aiyre's a Chuck-E-Cheese instead.

I couldn't get Netscape 8.1 to install because I have Windows ME and it does support windows ME. They seem to have a logic bug. Both the website and the popup window claim to support ME, but it doesn't detect it and won't install. I'm sending them an email to see what the deal is.
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