June 29th, 2006



Day 1 of my vacation is coming to a close. Managed to get past the dentist without new cavities. We made it into Boston for the MRI practice and back out with getting too stuck.

The traffic on the drive out to Schenectady was quite light. We did see an accident in the eastbound lane. We also saw a high speed police chase. Some guy on a little yellow and black crotch rocket. Zoom he goes by. A little while later, a local cop on the thruway goes zooming after him. Waste of time. He'll never catch up to the motercycle.

We may not get to see any fireworks. This area has been pounded with rain. The local fireworks were postponed for 2 weeks because the site is underwater. The river is past flood stage. Maybe we can catch something up at the lake.

The thruway just reopened between exit 25a and 34. Route 88 is still closed from 17 to 6(?). The level of the lake, as reported by some sensor has risen 5 feet since June 26th. There may not be much in the way of beach to play on. Should be plenty of water, though it will probably be quite cold. Doh.

All the rain means lots of skeeters. I got bit several times just unloading a couple suitcases. I bought repellant, but I had not yet unpacked it.
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Jun 29 PM T-Storms Low 17° 40%
Jun 30 PM T-Storms 26°/16° 40%
Jul 1 Mostly Sunny 30°/21° 20%
Jul 2 Isolated T-Storms 29°/18° 30%
Jul 3 Scattered T-Storms 27°/20° 40%
Jul 4 Scattered T-Storms 25°/17° 40%
Jul 5 Mostly Sunny 26°/16° 20%

Looking at the Radar, we are in for some yellow and red spots. Maybe the lake will overflow the dam and a huge wall of water will flood Albany.
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