May 28th, 2006

Anime, Excited


Well, I've seen a few things..

1. I caught X3 last night. I liked it. Don't forget to stay for the extra scene after the credits.
2. I saw a wild turkey standing along the road in Sudbury. Except for the coloring Peacocks and Turkeys have very similar body shapes. I wonder how closely related they are(genetically).
3. Saw a bumper sticker. "My Karma ran over your Dogma."
4. I saw Aiyre get up this morning at 3:15am. I only managed to get to sleep at 1am. We got her back upstairs but I don't think she every actually went back to sleep. I didn't really get back to sleep. I'm working on about 3 hours today.

Still fighting off the cold. *cough* *cough* *sniffle* *sneeze* The temperature in here is really out of whack. Too hot at my desk and too cold in the string area.
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