May 11th, 2006

Anime, Excited

Getting Close

I'm totally booked up in meetings today. I've got an interview followed by SRB followed by DRB followed by lunch followed by the Integration Meeting followed by a UEWR All Hands meeting. I think Dave said their would be drinks and stuff at the All Hands meeting. Today is pay day. My last check at my old payrate. In two weeks I'll know how much extra I'm getting per check. I'm guessing about $150 after taxes and all that.

Tomorrow I'm planning on using up my extra work hours and getting back to a zero balance. Maybe something like 9:30am to 2pm. When I get home I'll pack and get ready to leave, for mom's house, when Aiyre gets home. I'm going to need to remember to bring Buffy back. Do I owe anyone anything else? I wonder if KKB want the next couple books in the Anita Blake or Harry Dresden series.
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House Hunting

Mark provided the next 5 episodes of House. I managed to watch a couple last night. I don't think I'll get to these ones till after Mother's Day. I've got to do some Vampire prep work for the game on Sunday, if there is a game.

I've had a wicked bad headache for the last couple days. I need something. I got a haircut last night, but it didn't help.
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