May 3rd, 2006



Started pretty much on time today. Paul brought in 4 dozen donuts and then they ordered muffins and pastry from the cafe. They also brought drinks and cookies by in the afternoon. Ugh.

Sitting on my butt all day isn't helping. I had to rush around and answer questions over lunch. I'm barely over 4000 steps so far today and I only got to 6800 yesterday.

I get back to my desk at 4:50 and find there is a beer/wine/food celebration for our Thule award win(again) today at 4:30. I head down there and chat for a bit, have a beer and some meatballs. I need to head home soon.

All this low level crap in the class makes me want to do some low level stuff, linked list programming, support classes and stuff. Maybe I'll take the OSA lead job on CJR. I don't really want to be a lead, but at least I should be able to do some programming. Get the low level crap optimized and slick.

I finished up House Season 1 on DVD, in case someone wants to borrow it. I need to finish up my book and I have an urge to work on my MUD a little bit.
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