April 18th, 2006

Blah, Yuck

Wipe out

Even with all the hiking yesterday I only got up to 8085 steps. The camp was okay. It would be really awful during the summer. The humidity and mosquitos. We were really ambused by swarms and swarms of the things. Aiyre enjoyed the camp fire and running in the woods.

Today we went to the Ecotarium. I rode my bike and got to the place just as Emily et al were passing through the gates. I'm pretty wiped out from walking all day and the two bike rides. Riding the stationary bike is really quite a bit easier than actually riding. Worcester is so totally hills. Bike riding in California was so much easier. Nice and flat. I'm up to 10096 steps so far. I'll get maybe 100 more before bed.

Back to work tomorrow for one day of hell. I delayed a bunch of meetings from earlier in the week till today. I doubt I'll even get through my email before I have to leave for the day.
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