April 17th, 2006

Aiyre at 5


Saturday was a pretty good step day(8300) but yesterday really sucked(4750). I think today might be better. We are supposed to be taking Aiyre to Harvard, the town, for a hiking and picnic at a girlscout camp. Should be lots of walking around and such.

Aiyre has started playing Finding Nemo, Underwater Fun on her own. She can do the matching game and can watch the rest but doesn't seem to understand the point of the rest.

I walked into Evans room this morning, because he was screaming his fool head off, to find him standing in his crib, hanging onto the side. He was leaning on the side like the police had just finished searching him. I guess he'd be better off in Amsterdam. I picked him up, which seemed to calm him. He prolly was tired of standing like that and couldn't figure out how to get down. Get down get down, get down get down, jungle boogie. I guess I need to watch Pulp Fiction.

For now, I need to relax my back and calm my stomach before we get stuck in the woods. Too bad this hiking thing was right after Easter. All that candy... aw...
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