April 16th, 2006

Candy, Egg, Easter

Sunday Bunny Sunday

Lots of chocolate and sugar so far today. *bounce bounce bounce* That must be why bunnies get associated with this holiday.

I ordered a form from Fidelity to add Evan to our existing 529 plan. The form they sent me is to switch beneficiary from Aiyre to Evan or to setup an account just for Evan. I'm a little confused. I'd love to call them. However the forms arrived on Good Friday and so it'll be at least Monday before I can get ahold of them.

Aiyre's really getting into the mouse on The Sims 2. Clicking buttons, etc. She can take snapshots, adjust the game speed, enter/exit build and buy modes, etc. She can just about navigate the menus to get the game into 'Create Family' mode so she can play with their cloths.
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