April 13th, 2006



7868 steps yesterday. Not on target, but better than some other days. My time off for next week has been allocated. I'll be off Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Another 4 day weekend. Followed by a 2 day week and another weekend.

I taught Aiyre how to use the mouse yesterday so she could play 'dress up' with the Sims 2 characters. Just point and click to change outfits.

We've been taking Aiyre for a lot of walks lately. The problem is she doesn't respond well to 'stop'. She also wants to be able to run as fast as she likes and stop and look at stuff, kick dirt, etc. If I let her go and then chase after her when I need to restrain her we are almost okay. The problem is, if you chase after her she thinks its a game, smiles, and runs away.
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Payday at long last. They still have not recovered the $400+ I owe them from last year. Dummies.

I've got 137 hours of vacation left this year. It looks like I'll be using 24 next week. That'll leave me with 113 for the rest of the year. Probably use 40 hours around Thanksgiving and Christmas. 73 left for sickness, summer, and doctor trips for Aiyre. The next one is May 5th.
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We rented Eulogy last week. I thought it was great. Very funny. Nice lesbian action. Disfunctional family stuff. Just great. Just what you need to feel better about your own life. Lots of famous people in the cast. The Jean Grey lady from Xmen was in it. Rip Torn. The FBI agent from Gross Point Blank. A bunch of people I recognized but didn't know where from. I recommend it.

Blockbuster gave me a hard time renting it. We are in the 'Rewards' program. As part of that you get a free rental coupon once a month. They used to mail it, now you have to pick it up. They don't know how to just print it out, or so they claim. They rent you a movie and then you return the movie and then rent it again using the coupon. Well, the manager bitched at me that they are not supposed to do the returns anymore and they couldn't give me the coupon. WTF? I argued and fought and eventually got the coupon and the free rental. She warned me, 'this is the last time'.

So, I look up the policy online. It says pretty clearly that you can just walk in and get your coupon.

"Beginning approximately one week prior to the applicable calendar month, your Free Monthly Movie Rental coupon will print automatically after your first rental or retail transaction during the applicable coupon period. You may also receive your Free Monthly Movie Rental coupon at a participating BLOCKBUSTER store upon request and presentation of your BLOCKBUSTER Rewards membership card."

The manager seemed stuck on the first sentence. I'll have to bring the printout next time I go.
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