April 12th, 2006



Well, I missed my goals for yesterday. I only got 5686 steps out of 10000. I was also planning to actually take lunch, which I was unable to do. I did manage to leave on time. When I got home dauphinous declared me a pod person. Doh.

I've built up such a pile of crap to do. I think it may just keep getting bigger and bigger. I'd like to pawn some of it off on others but my main target is out this week till Thursday.

Looks like its going to rain this weekend. So.. I think I'd prefer to stay home. We should pick up some ham and goodies for our easter egg hunt. I think Mom will come visit on Saturday, but I need to let her know. I should check the schedule for the Autism group and see what they've got going during the week.

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Free Fall

Our stock has been in free-fall mode for the last couple days. I think I saw it was back down to $43 something. My options are again worthless. Missed my chance.

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