April 6th, 2006



Class offsite again today. I had lunch with Norm, even pawned a cookie off on him. Thats probably 300 less calories I've got to work off. I've been sneezing and feeling more congested as the day went on. I'm starting to think I'm getting sick again.

We did eventually get our dryer working last week. As the weather gets warmer we are going to really want to get a venting solution. The problem is this... Lots and lots of lint makes it past the lint screen in the dryer. With the long vertical run to the roof, the lint will collect and get stuck. Eventually it will clog the tube and the dryer wont work again. I'll have to disconnect the thing and clear away the lint. In the past the lint just blew into the attic, which is a bit of a fire hazard. At the same time the warm moist air went into the attic and contributed to mold/etc.

I can run tubing into and through the attic, but I need some sort of auxilary lint trap which we can deal with without going into the attic. I'm going to need to get some braces and brackets to hold the whole assembly in place once I figure out what we want.
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