March 30th, 2006



Wow, our stock price went up $1.38 yesterday. I'm guessing it will drop today before I get to sell my shares, which would be okay because the closing price today determines the price I get when my 401k payroll deduction goes in.

We found the neighbors house online. I was kind of surprised they didn't raise the price again. Still listed at $269,900. I wouldn't want to pay that much, but if I was stuck renting it might be worth it. The autocalculator on the website claims the payment would be $1258 per month. Of course they tend to assume %20 down and an awesome interest rate, two thing that first time buys probably won't have.
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Light Dawns

Now I find out. They announced an increase in the dividend and a stock repurchase plan. That is why our stock soared yesterday. Well, today it is down, but not all the way down.

I'll be taking tomorrow off of work. If I stay till 6:30 tonight I can do it without using PTO. I may have to stay that late just to get everything settled for my time off. I have a full day of training in Tewksbury on Monday. So... I'll have 4 days away from the lab. My email is going to be really backed up.
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