March 25th, 2006



I made it to Moms house without any traffic problems. My cold has gotten worse and my voice is going/gone.

Mom gave Aiyre a bath and put her to bed last night. I went over to visit the KKB family. They took a look at Aiyre's IEP but didn't really recommend anyhing specific, other than getting me listed as a parent.

We're heading back over there today for lunch. I picked up some steaks, tatertots, and broccoli. They are doing the weight watchers thing too. They claim to have trouble getting to the minimum number of points. That seems impossible to me. I could eat a whole days worth of points in one meal no problem. I've probably already had 30 points today.

When I got back from the store Aiyre was running all over the neighborhood with Gramma falling behind. She kept running into other people's yards and backyards. I had to go chase her down and drag her back.
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