March 24th, 2006



I just put Aiyre on the bus. She likes to run around for a bit first. She was doing good listening to me when I told her to stay in the front yard, etc. Well, the bus comes around the corner and I call her over. She sees the bus and makes an unhappy noise. She then runs for the backyard and when I yell at her she just giggles.


This stupid cold I got a while back has not yet been surpressed. It reared its ugly head again. I've been hacking up all kinds of nasty stuff. The sore throat is back and my voice has been going. I'd probably skip work today if I didn't need to call in and talk to Boeing. The telecon is from 11am to 1pm. I guess I'd better bring a sandwich or something. I've got extra time this week I need to use up so I'll get to work about 10am and leave about 1:30pm.
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