March 16th, 2006

Raytheon, Work


Today is the celebration and award day. I got another targeted email suggesting that I should go. It was only sent out to the award recipients.

We are supposed to be shipping DVDs with the software for the next Flight Test today. Turns out that SRP had a security violation in the last couple days and they have moved to classify all of their systems. Nothing unclassified. Just all of the sudden, no planning, do it today. So... all the support personel and tools people have been very busy with that effort. We managed to get one of them to make us 3 copies of the software(we need 9). I guess those first 3 will hold us over till tomorrow.

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Like a Fox?

If you went crazy would you be able to tell? Everywhere I looked this morning on the way to work I thought I saw people from work. There is Steve. There is Showket. There is Peter. There is Bill Schley. I saw Steve on the mass pike. Showket and Bill I driving next to me on route 9. Peter was doing landscaping in front of the Edgewater Apartments. On later inspection Showket turned out to be a woman, Bill was a fat kid, and Peter was hispanic.

So I pull into the parking lot and park. Steve pulls up and parks right next to me. He was driving a different car now. He was in a silver 4 door sedan on the pike and now he had a black SUV.

I know I need a break. I'm taking off tomorrow. With luck, no one from work will stop by to see me.
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