February 28th, 2006



When I got home yesterday I found out that my car was fixed and ready to get picked up. The made the whole thing out to be an emissions sensor issue. When pressed about the oil they said 'Because you were concerned about it, we drained the oil and refilled it to the proper level.'

So... how does the emission sensor cause engine knocking and such? They claim the sensor feeds into the computer which adjusts gas flow and such to minimize emissions. With the sensor malfunction the engine was getting bad information, so it was acting flaky. hmm..

Sounds like a BS job to conceal the fact they overfilled the oil and almost killed my car. The service report doesn't even mention oil or the fact they did an oil change.

Total cost to me :
$12 for the AAA tow of 7 miles.
$0 for the repair which they claim was covered in the emissions warranty.

Bottomline.. I got my car back, its running, no knocking. I'll have to assess if the crappy engine performance went away over the next couple days.
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Fat Tuesday

Fat week. I ate too much for dinner last night. I really need to curb my eating. Over the weekend Norm dropped off the girl scout cookies. I think we blew through 2-3 boxes already.

My tax refunds have both arrived and been deposited. We are supposed to get our performance bonus from last year in the paycheck this week. Cha-Ching
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