February 24th, 2006



The flight test finally happened. Looked just like the simulation. http://www.mda.mil/mdalink/pdf/05news0015.pdf We had a couple small issues we are looking at and are getting prepared for the next test(may?).

The project is looking for people to go to England from April to October. Nice package, 15% pay bonus, $283 per diem for housing/food/etc, vehicle expenses paid. I doubt Emily would like me to take this one. I don't think I'd like to be away for that long so soon. I would like to go to the site, so they signed me up for the 2 week business trip plan.

One of the Integrated Defense System head guys mentions at the all-hands meeting yesterday that UEWR will be moving to Woburn MA. Doh! I guess I need to get my resume updated. The Woburn people who attended the class I took yesterday indicated it took about an hour to get from here to there. That would make my trip to work about 100 minutes. Not worth it.
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In addition to updating my resume, we should try to save some money in case I can't find a new position at Raytheon and am forced into the job market.

We'll have about 25K in the bank if I pay off the house. Based on our normal bills that will last us a year or so. With luck I can reduce our budget a bit and save up some more as the Woburn date approaches.

The people I've talked to guess the move will either take place around the 4th of July or it will be well after August. That is just so we have equipment in place during the flight test events.

What a mess.
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