February 2nd, 2006



I missed the SOTU the other night. I wanted to hear the BS he was going spew. Mostly so I'd have something to bitch about.

I finished up my Federal taxes. Once I filled in the numbers and double checked everything I found that my estimate from a couple days ago was off by a digit. The actual refund should be about $3935 and 25 cents. I also have a CD which expires today, so I'll head to the bank. I'll be moving the money to checking so I can pay off the mortgage. I think we are at about $15,000, but after the CD and tax refund we'll be at about 6 grand.

Without the mortgage deduction, I'll be right at the borderline between itemization and standard deductions. I still need to pickup the MA forms and fill those out.
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Raytheon Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2005 Results


Result... Stock is down $0.34 per share(as expected)

It is pay day, so a down stock price means that I buy more shares, so that is good. So far this year, I take home 51.8% of my paycheck. They still have not figured out that I owe them 402.24 from last year for back premiums. I don't know what is taking them so long to get that fixed.

I have to hit the bank right after work, so maybe I should stop at the post office and get some MA forms at the same time.
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Justin just called. Poker tomorrow night. I totally forgot. Oh well.

We downloaded the MA forms. I filled it out quick and accidentally put us down for 4 dependants. Oops. After the correction we still get just under 700 bucks back.

I took Aiyre to the mall for a bit. I managed to get some candy hearts, a card, and a t-shirt for Valentine's Day. I also picked up a new pair of black shoes. Mine have been holding up, but I noticed that the sole was separating from the top. Doh.

I've got the Saturday shift at work from 2pm to 10pm. I've also got a dentist appointment at 8am on Saturday. They'll be installing a new filling. Doh.
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