January 31st, 2006



Well, I got the dividend tax forms I was waiting for. It turns out that I'm still waiting for a notice from CA telling me what my refund was last year so I can claim it as interest this year. Looking back in my blog and checkbook it looks like it was 'about $3000'. My checkbook shows exactly $3000. That does not seem very likely. I need to form to file, so I guess I have to wait.

Complaining about the forms worked yesterday, so, I'm trying that again.
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I'm a Lamborghini Murcielago!

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Looks like I'll get almost 3 grand back in federal. I dodged the AMT bullet this year. Had to fill out to the form to find out I owe nothing. I still need the CA information and some donation receipts to finalize the federal return.

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