January 26th, 2006



American manufacturing slides again...

Who to blame? You gotta blame someone. I blame the politicians and the american people.

Only american products bear the cost of the american lifestyle. If those taxes were on all products, both foreign and domestic, we could compete better. Something like the 'Fair Tax'. This is the politicians fault. They pass the tax laws. This is also our fault for not letting them know we want a change.

The people are also to blame. Why? The lifestyle that is promoted in the media. Gotta have stuff. Bling. etc. The workers at those plants make huge amounts of money. If you include salary and cost of benefits, they make just under 100k per year. They unions keep non-union people from working there. Why shouldn't some high school kid be able to take a summer job at Ford making $7 per hour with no other benefits? The freedom to hire workers at the going rates would allow Ford to compete.

Working at a car company building cars should not result in an upper middle class lifestyle. That is an unskilled job which requires little education. It should result in a lower class lifestyle.

Less than 1/2 of the price of a Ford is the materials. Most of the price is labor costs.
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Wednesday was not as bad as Tuesday. Still awful, but not as bad.

Thursday should be similar to Tuesday, so I expect to have a bad day. The meeting barrage starts in 30 minutes, so if I want to get anything done, I'd better do it quick.
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Dum Bass!

So, I'm sitting in the 7:45 meeting and I realize that I've got something up my sleeve. After a breif panic, I realize that I have a white sock up my sleeve. Doh! Nothing like looking stupid in front of people. I left it in place and pulled it out(ahem) on the way to my next meeting.
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