January 17th, 2006


Gosh Darn

So, I decided to get a little extra sleep this morning and so I came in late. Walking into the building, one of the other employees flicks a lit cigarette over onto the snowbank. I suggest that he really should go pick that up and dispose of it properly. He says, "Why should I do that?". His look says, "Why on earth should I do that? You are talking crazy!"

WTF? Why? Well, lets see...
1. Its against the law. Probably about a $50 fine.
2. You are polluting the environment.
3. The butt could be harmful to any wildlife which encounter it.
4. The butt is ugly. Just what we want the customers to see as they walk toward the building.
5. It raises our cost to do business. Someone now has to be paid to pick up after him.

Why do people like that make me so angry? Grrr!
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