January 13th, 2006



I managed to wake up on time without setting my alarm for 2 days in a row. I didn't want to get up, but I did.

It was fairly warm yesterday, so while Aiyre was playing outside I washed the car. This morning it was below freezing. My car has iced over. Doh!

Last night we managed to get a bunch of housework done. I was up in the attic putting away boxes. We continue to have problems with our cloths dryer vent. It is supposed to vent through an opening in the roof in the attic. That means it runs straight up for about 10 feet and then turns. If everything is connected correctly the hose clogs with lint and such within a couple days and the dryer stops working. The hose doesn't attach, it is supposed to just stay in place. It might if it didn't have the weight of 10 feet of hose pulling it out of the roof.

So, usually the hose is disconnected and just blowing into the attic space. As a result we have blown in lint all over the blown in insulation. All the extra moisture in the attic has caused mold to start growing over everything. Additionally, all the metal parts which stick through the roof(nails and such) are all totally rusty.

The only thing I can think of, is to vent the dryer into the house. In the winter the warm moist air is nice, but come summer that will really suck.
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