January 12th, 2006



Rumor has it that the management will announce a big push as we come into the last weeks before the next NMD/GMD flight test. Supposedly they are talking about running the lab and the system 24-7 to try to root out any bugs.

Not sure how much I can help, given my family situation.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the weekend. More Sleep! KKB are supposed to coming this weekend. That'll be cool. Sounds like we'll probably hit Vinny T's in Shrewsbury for an early dinner before they leave.
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Having just had our all-hands meeting, I found out we are preparing for a Gmd/Nmd test. It seems that site had the system hang at some point and they want us to reproduce the problem. If we can't reproduce it then we will at least show the system can run without the bug for an extended period of time.

So.. we have 3 machines we can run on here. They are looking at operating those machine 24-7 till we find the bug or the flight test occurs.
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