January 10th, 2006



I've managed to squeeze in several episodes off the Sliders DVD set in the last couple days. Still great. I managed to catch the one where there are dinosaurs. Pretty good considering the budget on the TV show and the time frame. The dinos didn't leave foot prints or really interact with anything, but what do you expect.

With my on going cold/flu thing, I'm really beginning to feel like I'm not getting enough sleep. Come 5am I am pretty much still wiped out. I go to bed within 30 minutes of putting Aiyre to bed(8:30 to 9:00). This means I'm getting about 8 hours. It just doesn't seem to be enough.
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I came up with a great new diet plan.

The South Bronx Diet.

A single appointment with our nutritionist will take care of you. Once our nutritionist massages your jaw with pugalistic fervor you will be ready for your liquid only diet. Twenty pounds in 10 weeks guaranteed, or you get another 10 weeks free of charge.
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