January 3rd, 2006


Uh Oh...

Worcester Public Schools - Closed
Reported: 1/3/2006 4:53:56 AM

The roads were much better this morning than they were when I went out for New Years. School is still closed though. I hope Aiyre doesn't cause too much trouble for Emily. I guess Emily can always call and ask me to come home early.

Stupid accounting people... I got another notice in the mail for past due medical insurance premiums from when I was on leave last year. I called over a month ago so they would take it out of my paycheck, but they still sent me another bill. I guess I'll have to call them again.
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I got my final paycheck for last year. A quick look at my tax situation shows I'll get about 1700 in a federal refund. That means that our federal tax burden was just over 19,000 last year.

My first calculation showed I would owe about 3 grand. I mistakenly used my gross income instead of my taxable income. oops. Stupid child tax credit phases out at a certain point, which means I have to fill out another form to get anything. *sigh*
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I got booted off the system so they could reboot for Daylight Savings adjustments. So... I can update this. Fitz is back from England. Good to see him again. Sounds like they have not decided what he'll be doing now. A little of this and a little of that.

I hit the nurses office. I'm at 99kg(about 219 lb) after the holidays. That is up a little bit, but not as much as I had feared given all the food I ate.

Something really stinks in this area. It is like rotting garbage. Bleck!
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