December 18th, 2005



Aiyre and I drove out to Mom's for the weekend. Mom was nice enough to watch Aiyre a lot. I spent both evening over at Kathy and Kate's house. Aiyre woke up at 4am both days, but after an hour or so, went back to sleep till 8am.

Aiyre really enjoyed sledding in Central Park. All we had was an inflatable sled. It was fine for Aiyre, but small for adults. I had to huff and puff and blow the damn thing up first.

Aiyre lost her second tooth during dinner on Saturday. Pizza! First bite of pizza pulled the loose tooth out. It bled a bit and then was fine. Aiyre kept checking each of pizza to make sure there were not any more teeth lost. Quite funny.

Aiyre also really hates it when you sing, "Singing in the Rain". She'll run over and cover your mouth to shut you up. Kate and I went back and forth singing line and Aiyre ran between us stopping us. Later on we all sang at the same time and she ran over and clamped a pillow over her head to drown out our music.

20.53 hours of work left to go this year.
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