December 1st, 2005



I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith after work yesterday. It was nice, some humor, lots of action. Not overly realistic, but what movie is. Emily liked it enough to suggest she would not have been disappointed to see it in the theaters.

Aiyre and I hit Home Depot after the movie. I picked up a small electric heater for the home and bought some energy saver lights for Mom's new house. I got a mix of 60 and 90 watt equivalent. I may go back at some point and get a couple to give to Norm for xmas too.

Emily's brother wrote a book. We may give copies of that out to quite a few people too. His pen name is Graham Stillson. I've not read the book yet, but I think Emily said it was a murder mystery.

I have a 3:30 meeting to attend today, so I came in late(7am). I was exhausted, so the extra sleep was nice. The late arrival helps too because I need access to the other lab and I'm not on the S&G access list. I'm finally getting a chance to do some coding again.
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While I was upstairs, I spoke with Chuck. His car got hit by a cherry picker in the parking lot a couple days ago. He showed some photos of the car. The rear turn signal plastic covering thing was broken/cracked. The paint was scratched a little in the same area. The scratch was about 5 cm long and 1 cm wide. He said the repair estimate was about 1500 bucks. WTF?

I could see $100. $50 for a bit of touchup paint and smoothing. $50 for a new plastic cover for the turn signal. Nope. Good thing his car wasn't a couple years older, it would have totalled the car. I think he said the plastic light cover was like $500. The rest was mostly labor and installation. It seems the rear bumper would have to be removed and inspected as well.

On the way back I stopped at the nurses office. I'm down to 218# according to her scale.
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