November 29th, 2005


Ta Da!

I finished off Hordes of the Underdark last night. I also watched episode 5 of The L Word while riding the stationary bike. I managed 280 calories and over 12 miles in the 45 minutes I was sitting there.

I need to walk over to the supermarket over lunch to buy a new thing of Diet Coke/Pepsi.

I have not seen any security inspectors yet. Maybe DSS is going to go easy on us.

Dick on trial for war crimes! That would be awesome. Do I think it will ever happen? No. I think W would pull us out of ever international organization before letting that happen. Fortress America. F'in Wacko.
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So a Republican lawmaker admits to taking 2 million in gifts in exchange for directing business to defense contractors. I wonder if Raytheon was involved. Given the push from the top regarding ethics, I wouldn't be surprised if we were involved. In any case, shouldn't those contractors face some sort of penalty too?

Emily posted a pair of photos from Thanksgiving. Evan with Gramma and Aiyre and Daddy.
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