November 20th, 2005



Last day of freedom. I really need to retire soon. Tomorrow it is back to work. I wonder how many emails I'll have queued up waiting for me. I wonder if I will even remember my password to get in.

Today we are going to order some pizza and play some Star Wars. I finally managed to get a couple photos of Evan's room onto the website. Aiyre got up at 6am. Much earlier than I had wanted to get up, but an hour later than I'll have to get up tomorrow.
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Raytheon uses Ceridian FSA for its health care reimbursement account. This company really pisses me off. In order to download the claim forms from their website you must call them and get a username and password. You can also have them mail you the forms, but they won't take your address. They insist on looking up your account using your SSN and company code. There is no reason to provide a social security number to get a form mailed to me.

I eventually get the form. I mail it in with the receipt. I pay the postage. The form isn't even prefilled out for me. I figure if they are mailing me the form after providing my SSN, it will have my SSN filled in along with the address and stuff. Nope.

I get the response. Claim rejected. Start over. Reason? I have 73 bucks left for reimbursement. The receipt I sent in exceeded $73. "THIS CLAIM IS OVER YOUR ELECTED PLAN AMOUNT. IT WILL NOT BE PAID." All uppercase and everything. WTF? It was a valid expense. Am I supposed to get the hospital to bill me for $73 dollars of the expense in a separate bill so that they will pay it? This is BS.
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