November 4th, 2005



After 20 hours of dealing with the wall we have decided the following :

1. We don't like it
2. It is ugly
3. It blocks our view up the street to see if cars are coming
4. From inside the house all of our furniture looks toward the wall
5. From the corner of your eye it looks like the window is frosted over or there is 2 meters of snow
6. We think the wall will make it harder for either of us to sell

<< NEW USERPIC is view from our front door>>
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We picked up Aiyre from school today to take her for genetic counseling. All the tests came back normal. No fragile X or any other wierd things.

We drove by the park at the corner of Rt9 and Park Ave which caused Aiyre to get all excited. When we didn't stop, she got mad. I liked the look of the park, so I'll probably take Aiyre there tomorrow.

I updated my journal with my school information and added a pair of new userpics. I added a car one, with the Prius logo, and a shot a church for my religious entries(don't get me started).
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