October 31st, 2005



Halloween is upon us. We've hung a few(3) festive decorations around the house. I carved up 2 pumpkins last night and Aiyre helped me Draw a face on another one. Emily is carving her pumpkin this morning. We try to get pumpkins of shapes and sizes that represent the family. So, we got two fairly big ones and two fairly little ones.

We sent Aiyre's halloween ballerina costume to school today, in case the do some dress up time. The christian rightwrong would probably complain about it if the school did want to do something. I'm sure some satanist probably thinks halloween is a religious holiday, but other than them, and the christian wrong, nobody else seems to.

We use the same day as a pagan holiday to hold a party. We don't perform religious ceremonies or anything. I would join the christian wrong in their complaints if schools were actually performing pagan rituals and such.

If I recall, we are giving out candy tonight. We got Peanut Butter Cups and KitKats. Come and getum.
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After Action Report

Aiyre and I went out trick-or-treating. She took a bit to get into it, but seemed to have fun. She really liked one of the houses down the street. They go all out. Flying witches, bunches of gravestones, corpses on hooks, spooky music, skulls, motion/sound activated stuff. At first she seemed a bit scared, but after a bit she kept wanting to go back to the house over and over.

As expected, the neighbors were not even home, much less giving out candy. At some point today they dug up the bushes that Aiyre liked from their front yard. Now there are just 3 dirt circles on the lawn. Wasting their money.

We went through more candy than usual. I got 60 peanut butter cups and handed out 50+ by 7pm when I turned out the light so I could get Aiyre to bed. We didn't actually have KitKats at all. Sorry to tease.
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I noticed in this month's Money that Raytheon was listed as one for 5 picks for Growth and Income stocks. They listed the price at $37.61 and when I checked today to see if the price had risen as a result of the advise, I found the price at $36.95

Obviously Wall Street doesn't agree with the pick. I've found over the years that Raytheon is backwards. If the company annouces a 50% increase in profits for the quarter then the price of the stock will drop. This is just another example.

The only predictor I have found for the stock price, is that the price will rise every other Thursday when paychecks are issued to Raytheon employees. This predictor is not perfect, but seems to work better than 50% of the time.
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