October 30th, 2005



Justin came over to play Star Wars. While we were waiting for Andrea to show up(she never did), pfloyd, silvara77, Colleen's Mom, and baby Marcus came over. They brought some boy baby cloths which Marcus has already out grown. He is a big boy.

Both Emily and I made the same mistake which people made with Aiyre. We assumed that because he was so big that he could walk and such. Just because he is big doesn't change the fact that he is not even 6 months old. Evan slept through the whole visit, the spoil sport.

Soon enough Evan will be big enough to play with Marcus. They are only about 3 months apart in age.
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Lost Lips

As we were finishing up the Star Wars session, we noticed Aiyre was missing her loose tooth. I eventually found it up in her bedroom on the floor. She didn't really seem bothered by it. The tooth looks like it broke off, not fell off. I don't really remember what they look like. I guess the roots get pushed out later?

Aiyre is totally unaware of the 'tooth fairy' and all that nonsense, so we got off cheap.
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