October 21st, 2005



I finished up Robin Cook's Coma this morning. Good read. I would have preferred 2 more pages of action and resolution before the end, but still an okay read. I've now started on Andrew Fox's Fat White Vampire Blues.

No movement on the neighbor's house yet. I have not spent the time to even look it up online and see what it is listed at. I thought they had a drive-by this morning, but it just turned out to be some guy looking for nickels in the recycle bins.

I see on the calendar that the 'Fall behind' time change is coming up. I recall them talking about changing the law to push the time change off a bit in order to save electricity and heating costs. I don't know if the law passed or not. I'll have to check it out on google and see what I can find.

I've been adding to the wall and flowerbeds in the backyard everyday, that is doesn't rain, and it is nearing completion. I'm planning on rotortilling the back lawn, leveling it, and reseeding it. As part of that I expect to have some extra fill for the wall. I'm not sure if I should rotortill it now or wait till spring.
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I don't like ID, so I made up some headlines...

Intelligent Design Proves Existance of Aliens!
Intelligent Design Explains Use for the Appendix?
Unintelligent Design... Why do Genetic Diseases Exist?
Intelligent Designer Admits that He Evolved!
Prenatal Gills Disprove Intelligent Design as Wasteful.
Intelligent Designer to Adopt 6 Sigma Methodology on Next Project.
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Well, I found the neighbor's house. They have it listed at $264,900. I think this is crazy, but, in the course of talking to them they set it high on purpose. That way they can get 'haggled' down to the real selling price.


I just hope it goes soon. With our luck the market will collapse and they will stay and wait it out.


It seems the links are autogenerated... Go to http://www.smartchoicerlty.com/ and select search our listings and then select Worcester from the Pulldown. It was the only listing in Worcester when I checked.
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