October 8th, 2005


The Wizard of OZ

Having watched the Wizard of Oz about 30 times since the baby was born I've realized some things about the movie.
1. The TinMan is very feminine. I would have to guess that he doesn't need a heart because he is already a very sensitive guy. I would go so far as to stereotype him into being gay.
2. I like the titles that Scarecrow uses with the Wizard. Your Highness, Your Wizardness, Your Wizardry!
3. I think the Wizard is a bad fella. He sends the crew out to get the broomstick of the witch. He is just sending them to certain doom. That is not a nice thing to do.
4. Glinda, the good witch doesn't seem to understand that Toto is a dog(not a witch), but the wicked witch refers to Toto as a dog(I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too) without being told.
5. It seems like some dialog was cut in the farm scenes. The farmhand which becomes the scarecrow references brains in his dialog. The one that becomes the lion refers to having courage. However, Hickory, the one that becomes the tin man, only talks about having a statue erected in the town. I think they used to have some crappy dialog about heart, but it didn't seem very natural, so they pulled it and cut the scene.

Poker night went okay. I was the first to bankrupt out of the tournement. I did learn quite a bit about how the game goes. It only cost me 20 bucks and a gallon and half of gas.
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Fair Tax

The latest issue of Money has an article on the 'Fair Tax'. The change is to move away from payroll taxes and to a tax on consumption. In the end, I have to say I would support this move. Why? What effect will this have on the system?

1. People with existing money will have to pay an additional tax when they spend that money. This will 'hurt' rich people and the elderly. The rich people I'm not really concerned about. The elderly have already paid income tax on the money and now have to pay another tax when the spend the money.
2. It will lower the numerical value of wages. The take home pay of people would remain the same, but the actual salary would decrease. This has no effect on the wage earner, but the businesses will pay lower salaries and can either take larger profits or pass the savings along as lower prices.
3. It will lower the cost of American made products. When #2 above goes into effect, the passed on price savings result in lower prices for American made products.
4. It will raise the cost of Foreign made products. The Fair Tax adds a 30% markup to existing prices. The base price of foreign goods did not benefit from the removal of income tax and therefore remain the same. The sale price increases by 30%
5. Lower prices on american made products result in more sales. This results in higher employment levels within the USA. That, in turn, lowers all kinds of things. Lower Welfare bills. Lower Hospital bills, because there are fewer uninsured patients to cover in the overhead budgets.
6. Simplified tax code. Sure, people who work at H&R Block and the IRS will probably lose jobs in the short run, but in the long run, I think this will create jobs(See #5). This will also reduce the cost on the tax payers to cover the cost of collecting taxes. How many billions are spent each year in the IRS? All of that would be saved.

Yes, it means I will have to be double taxed on the 400K I already have, but I think it is right for America, even if it hurts me.
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