September 17th, 2005



Evan's doctor called. We need to go have the PKU test repeated ASAP. They did not say why, but I am guessing the test reported a positive result and they want to verify before they give us the bad news.

PKU (phenylketonuria)
Babies with this disorder cannot process a substance called phenylalanine that is found in almost all food. Without treatment, phenylalanine builds up in the bloodstream and causes brain damage and mental retardation. When PKU is detected early, mental retardation can be prevented by feeding the child a special diet. Mental retardation can be prevented if the baby is treated with a special diet that is low in phenylalanine begun within the first 7 to 10 days of life.

At first, the baby is fed a special formula that contains protein but no phenylalanine. Breast milk or infant formula is used sparingly to supply only as much phenylalanine as the baby can tolerate. Later, certain vegetables, fruits, some grain products (for example, certain cereals and noodles) and other low-phenylalanine foods are added to the diet, but no regular milk, cheese, eggs, meat, fish and other high protein foods are ever allowed. Since protein is essential for normal growth and development, the child must continue to have one of the special formulas which are high in protein and essential nutrients, but contain little or no phenylalanine.

Doh. I would think they could screen couples and tell them that they are both carriers and 1/4 of their childern will have the disease.
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When it rains

I noticed this morning some cracking in the driveway. I hit home depot for some driveway patching stuff. I need to wait for a day with no chance for rain, so it can set for 24 hours.

The start knob broke off the dryer. The part will costs 6.15 but will cost 4.95 to ship. For now we are using a pair of plyers to turn the start post that the knob attached to.

My paycheck came in the mail today. It looks like as of Friday I've used all the PTO I need to use in order to take FMLA time. Sort of. I need to use up my 'carryover' time from several years ago, but I can not do that until my available PTO balance is really ZERO. I was only required to use up all the earned PTO. In order to use the carryover I have to burn off the PTO which I would have acrued, had I worked, for the rest of the year. Maybe they'll have a loophole so I can use it just for this purpose.

We've also started getting Hospital bills for the birth. They are trying to charge us 400+ bucks because they ran out of normal rooms and had to give us a semi-private room. Overall the bills are about 1000 bucks. I do not remember the first kid costing anything at all much less that much. I guess Emily's insurance plan was better than BCBS of MA.
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I finished up Robin Cook's Fever and plan to start on John Saul's The right hand of evil next. Fever was good, I enjoyed his bureaucracy busting. Pretty awesome.

I was thinking about heading over to the Family Fun Fair at St. Marys. It will give us a chance to get out and a change to see pfloyd, silvara77, Marcus again, as well as to let them meet Evan.

I'm sure Aiyre would just love to be out in the backyard, but with the humidity and skeeters, I do not want to be back there. I think the fair would be just what she needs, although I have no idea what there will be to do at the fair.
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