September 15th, 2005



Today's plan had been to mow the lawn and weedwhack the edges. Perhaps even work on the wall a bit. However, it is raining. Wet lawns do not get cut. So... new plan

I posted some new pictures of Evan.

I'll probably take a nap and try to get some work done on the java script program I've been writing. I did a bit yesterday to get a shadowrun host generator running.

I managed to get back to sleep right away after every time I woke up last night, but I still awoke with a headache. It has not gone away yet, but if it does not go away soon I'm going to Tylenol it.
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The neighbors just stopped by... turns out we had a skunk in the backyard. Their A/C was sucking the smell into their house. Well, it turns out we had a dead skunk... really dead. Other than the 'faint' skunk odor, you really could not tell it was a skunk. The whole thing was just a mass of maggots. It was really really dead. The whole thing stank of decay and rotting. The skunk odor is mild compared to that. I managed to shovel the thing into a bag in a bag. Afterwards, I hosed the whole area down, but with the constant rain we've had today, it was a fruitless gesture.

Now that I've exposed myself to the smell up close, I can really smell it. I could not really smell it before, but now, it seems to be all I can smell. I think it may be soaked into my cloths and hair and such. Time for a costume change, a shower, and a haircut.

If this keeps happening, I'll need a dead maggot covered skunk userpic. Someone might be poisoning skunks nearby, this is the second one we found in our yard.
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