September 12th, 2005


Blue Monday

Spent most of the day relaxing. I did manage to finish off Harmful Intent and just started on Fever also by Robin Cook. I took hour or so to work on the wall, pull weeds in the lawn, and water some of the dry spots on the front lawn. We picked up some steaks while shopping which I grilled up for lunch along with some peppers. For dinner we made up some of Bill's patent pending burgers(BPPB).

Emily and I each played a bit of Doom 3. I was interupted by a call from work. Bill had a question with some code I added recently. I talked him through a solution, which took about 20 minutes. I wonder if I can charge the time.

HalfLife2 arrived in the mail and I'm doing the dialup patch and key verification thing. While waiting for it we walked over to the White Hen Pantry. I picked up the Worcester Magazine and found there was supposed to be a gay pride block party, etc. Sounds cool. The article as a timetable of events and such, but fails to indicate which day the event is on. Like hello! Anyone know?
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