August 30th, 2005



I got the call to come home at about 1:20pm... Emily was in labor and it had sped up to about 7 minutes between contractions. About 3:00 we headed to the hospital. Grampa and Gramma sat with Aiyre in the waiting room occasionally switching off with me in triage while everything progressed. About 6:45 we were at 5-6 cm dilation. The grandparents and Aiyre went home to bed, with gramma intending to come back afterwards. About 7:30 they moved us over to the delivery room and started an IV so Emily could get some drugs. About the time the drugs showed up Emily was really getting urges to push so the doctors checked and we were at 8cm and ready to go.

They quickly setup the room and at 8:28pm the baby was born. He was initially dark purple because the cord was wrapped around his neck. He quickly got color and seems fine now, but for 10 minutes I was in tears and almost puked. I've uploaded new pictures to our website(which has a bandwidth limit, so keep checking back). I've also added a userpic...

Here are the stats...

Evan Foster French
8:28pm August 29th
8 pounds 0 ounces
20.5 inches long
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