August 5th, 2005



We managed to lose all three games of volleyball last night. *sigh* I guess I had some fun as well, but it was nasty sticky icky out.

Well, at least it is Friday.

I did hear an interesting story on farming, which pushed me a little further towards that. Its too bad that it is such a drastic lifestyle change. You can't possibly afford to farm in the local area. It would cost millions to get a small 40-50 acre plot.
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1. Go to Google
2. Type "(Your Name) is" (with the quotation marks)
3. Post your favourite ten results

Some of these are just awesome...

Alien Abductions Incorporated answers Kyle's questions

Kyle Texas information

Written on the Wind... (1956)

Camp Kyle in Korea...

Kyle does Star Wars
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Andrew Keane, the guy here who just finished a fund raising cross country bike tour and was supposed to ride in the Pan-Massachusetts bike tour for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute this weekend, was hit by a car while riding locally. I guess he was on Route 70 in Clinton and when he was hit. He injuries included 9 broken ribs, 60 stitches, various cuts/bruises, and several long-bone fractures(arms/legs). I guess his helmet worked as he had no head injuries.

He was listed in 'fair' condition as of August 4th at the UMAS Memorial Medical Center University Campus in Worcester. I'll have to swing by there after work today.
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I stopped by to see Andrew at the Hospital. He's up in room 435. He was passed out/drugged/asleep when I got there. He seems to have air casts on both legs, his right arm in a sling, and his neck in a brace.

The latest email from his wife indicated 40-50 stitches, 9 broken ribs(3 on one side and 6 on the other), a broken clavicle(collar bone), a broken scapula(shoulder blade), a puntured lung, 3 broken vertebrae, and a 2 inch bruise on his brain. Doh. The email makes it seem like he either hit a parked car or was hit by a car going slow.

Emily's ultrasound turned out okay. I guess their was a chance that the placenta was blocking the uterus, or something, and they'd have to do a C-section. Everything moved around and the way is clear. They guessed the baby was about 7 pounds. They again claimed it was male. Still need to come up with a name.
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