July 31st, 2005


Gone for now

The in-laws left this morning to visit Emily's uncle in the Utica area. The birthday worked out nicely. Aiyre seemed to like the food and entertainment. Emily's parent bought Aiyre one of those wooden train sets and a bunch of Play-Doh and accessories. She has been using the train and the Play-Doh quite a lot over the last couple days.

It seems like we have decided, for now anyway, to stay in this house. We are looking at ways to reduce the amount of stuff we have and to reorganize stuff so the baby has room.

Aiyre's first day riding the bus to school is tomorrow morning. With luck everything will work out. The bus ride is 56 minutes each way. It seems kind of harsh, to me, to force a 5 year old to sit for an hour ever day, for a 4 hours school day.
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Gotta love those magnetic ribbons....

Support Raytheon :

Save the World :

I'm a geek :


Support the Magnetic Ribbon Industry :

Okay, but seriously.. why the big surge in ribbons. Has this happened outside the USA? Is this a 9/11 thing? I'm still looking for a ribbon which says, "support our troops, elect someone who will bring them home alive"
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