July 27th, 2005


IL Day

Well, the in-laws should be arriving this morning. We don't know what time or what flight they were on.

Tomorrow is the anniversary and Saturday is Aiyre's birthday. Mom and Jim are coming out and we are all going to Chuck-e-cheese in the big y plaza. Maybe Phil, et al, can come and join us. I'll try to remember to give him a call. We should probably order a cake or something too. Maybe they can take care of that at CEC.

We lost all three games last night. We just got crushed. Every game they had double the number of point we had, all the way through the game. It was just awful.

I need to get some dress cloths for the wedding in September. For that matter, I need some work cloths too. Most of mine have bunchs of stains on them.
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So, the in-laws had forwarded along a care package. One of the items was a purple 'thing'. Some sort of dance outfit which we thought was too small. Aiyre found it and insisted on wearing it. We managed to get a picture of it. That link has a bandwidth limit so try later if it does work. You should check it out soon cause it will probably get replaced with a birthday photo on Saturday.
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