July 20th, 2005



So, I go out to my car and the thermometer reads 102. *sigh* Well, it is sitting in the sun. After driving around a bit, it is down to 95, ah, well, at least its not a dry heat.

Stopped at a furniture store on the way home to look for a bed platform, for Aiyre's bed, which has drawers underneath and such. They had some stuff, but without seeing it in person I can't tell if its right. I'm also not sure the wood work will go with the rest of her furniture.

Spent most of the rest of the night relaxing and reading. I'm up to Chapter 21, 'The Unlocatable Room'. Book is quite wonderful so far.

Not sure how I feel about the supreme court nominee, as I don't know anything about them. I'm feel kind of like it doesn't really matter, as it is a 9 member thing. One wacko can't corrupt the whole thing.
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