July 15th, 2005



Well, we have decided to paint Aiyre room. We have all the stuff and just need to do it. We removed everything from the walls last night and I filled in all the holes. This afternoon, I'll removed the curtains and fill in thos holes, sand off the rough spots, tape up the trim, move out the furniture, and put on the primer. Tomorrow morning, once the primer is dry, we'll apply the paint. With luck the color will go with the carpet. I've not seen it, but the carpet is a light green and Emily says the paint is purple.

Anyone have any good lessons learned from their painting experiences?

This security leak, Carl Rove thing just pisses me off. It seems the government does have to follow the same rules that DoD contractors do. If someone here accidentally revealed classified information, we have the following requirements from DoD.

1. First offense .. minimum punishment written warning.
2. Second offense .. minimum punishment 5 day suspension without pay.
3. Third offense .. minimum punishment 10 day suspension without pay.

Those are the minimums. If we deliberately leak classified information, the first offense requires you get fired. If you get fired, you lose your clearance. There are also the possibility of criminal charges. We are 'at war' as the president likes to say. Revealing that level of classified information, particularly when it dealt with WMD, during war time, is treason. We've got posters of previous people arrested for treason posted at the entry points to our building. Pictures showing them in prison. I think they are indended to keep us honest.

Ordinarily, I'd think you'd leave the president and repubs unaffected, but they seem to protecting this guy. Why hasn't he been arrested for treason? Why is he still working and getting more classified information? Why? Because he is the president's buddy. That is why the issue has become political.
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Got home early to begin painting. We removed/covered everything in Aiyre's room. I patched holes for a while and decided eventually that it was good enough. Emily washed the walls while I took Aiyre for a quick swim at Quinsig. We ordered some pizza and set up Aiyre with a movie. After taping up the trim and ceiling and such, I put on a layer of grey primer.

I took a shower and Aiyre had her bath. Aiyre and I slept on fold out couch-bed, as her room was off-limits. The plan it to start the paint first thing in the morning, once the primer is dry. My back is really killing me.
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